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My fellow BOOMERS, don't ACCEPT that you'll have less energy and more ailments as you age. Most of your body's cells are ONLY days or months old - biologically, you're still a kid! Check out my BOOMER BLISS page... make every day  a BLESSING!

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You DO NOT have to succumb to FEAR or STRESS-RELATED ILLNESS, aches, pains or dysfunction... at any age. This website offers DIY Emotional Rescues for YOU, family & pets.

NOTE: As of 2022, I'm no longer doing private sessions.

I've created 100+ self-help wellness videos and e-books that will teach you my fast, effective EMOTIONAL RESCUE secrets.  People and animals on six continents have felt the beneficial effects of using my meridian clearing methods and dowsing.

"I am a Reiki master, I use EFT, and can dowse (well, sorta) and yesterday I used all of them upon feeling out of sorts and the feeling came back until I zapped it with FREED!  I woke up this am feeling wonderful.  I am using it on my cats. 

IT IS A MIRACLE!  Thank you so much!"

--E.R., USA

"Thank you so much for all your help (with adult acne breakouts) over the last two years or so!!! I'm doing really well these days. I went all day today in public without wearing any makeup aside from mascara! I was super confident! I even spent some time around an ex boyfriend totally comfortable in my skin! I also got compliments on it!!! Whaaaaat????

Having you in my life as a mentor and a friend has helped me more than I could ever put into words! I've finally reached my goal of not feeling like I need to wear makeup! Thank you."

S. S., USA

I've guided clients back to well being, joy and self-love since 2004. I hold Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner certifications:

  • EFT-INTc from Dawson Church ~
  • EFTCert-1 from Gary Craig ~
  • EFT-ADV & EFT-CC certificates from Dr. Pat Carrington

Later, due to client requests for a speedier modality, I created my own unique well being method called FREED, which is far FASTER and EASIER than EFT.

People call me The Emotions Whisperer as I can DOWSE then release the emotional roots of most ailments, based on the mind-body wisdom research & works of Louise Hay, Deb Shapiro, Bruce Lipton and other pioneers in this field.

If you're stuck wondering the emotional causes of your lack of well being, please consider checking out my Tapping Success Scripts book on It's well worth your time and $2.99 USD!


DIY SELF-CARE, well beinG & Inner Peace