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(1) With a calm energy, focus with love on your precious pet.

(2) Begin the gentle tapping or massaging with any fingertip on YOURSELF as you repeat the below clearing statements (or your own) one to three times each.

Sadly, many irresponsible pet owners let their animals run free despite leash laws and other restrictions.

This can lead to YOU or YOUR precious pet being attacked by a free-roaming animal, possibly injured and needing an expensive visit to the veterinarian's office... or worse.

During my time volunteering in the Humane Society's hospital, I saw numerous poor little souls whose bodies had been mangled by other animals and animal abusers. They shook uncontrollably in the corners of their cages, despite being bandaged and medicated, staring back at me with wide eyes that reflected their terror. Using meridian clearing, I released ALL their fears so they'd feel safe to relax, sleep and heal You can do the same!

If your animal friend has been attacked, please consider doing brief emotional relief work on YOURSELF first, then after you've calmed down, on your animal.

(1) CLEAR YOURSELF: using the below diagram (or your preferred modality), clear your Governing Vessel Meridian (GVM) of ALL your stress and fear from the attack. You simply do the physical clearing while repeating 2-3X the below clearing statements (or make up your own) until you feel 100% CALM:

- I now release this fear of (your animal's name) being hurt and attacked in my presence

- I let go of all emotions of shock, panic, terror and guilt since (your animal's name) was attacked; I stop running the scenario over and over in my mind, it is done

- I now clear from my mind all pictures and sounds from the attack; it's over, I choose to feel safe and cease beating myself up; I did the best I could at that time

- I feel safe to release all stress and fear about this situation so I can clear (your animal's name) emotions and fears, and not stress out this animal or any of my pets who sense my energy; I let go of my fear of loss of my precious pet, and all fears of the unknown

Check in with yourself - do you feel 100% relaxed? If not, do more release work.

(2) CLEAR YOUR ANIMAL:release one fear at a time from the GVM. If you don't know what to say, imagine what your animal friend felt, saw, smelled before, during and after the attack, then talk about it (aloud or in your mind) as you do the clearing. Sample statements to use and/or modify:

- I now clear out of (animal's name) the fear of being unsafe to go outside since the attack, and the emotions of confusion, defenselessness, and overwhelm

- I release for this precious friend (your animal's name) all non-beneficial emotions, including shock, terror, helplessness, hopelessness and feeling unable to run or fight, from this attack and all previous frightening or stressful situations

- I now instill in this precious soul a deep certainty that s/he is loved and safe here forever, that I will keep (your animal's name) protected and loved for a lifetime

Stop the clearing, put your hand down, and take a few refreshing deep breaths. Imagine disconnecting your energy from the animal's energy system. You don't want them sharing your emotions! Your pet may need less emotional relief than YOU, so take care of yourself especially if the situation arises in your mind, causing discomfort again.

(3) Observe your animal’s behavior: if s/he seems calmer and happier, well done! If you can dowse, verify the animal's stress from the event are 100% clear. Otherwise, reapply the clearing.

Bless you for taking excellent care of your animals!

Thank you for reading this article!

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