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By Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I, EFT-ADV, EFT-INTc
This article was originally published by EFT Founder, Gary Craig, on

Hi Everyone,

Here is a classic example from Colleen Flanagan of how emotional issues show up physically. People spend loads of money every year on meds for back pain and are unaware that a skillful application of EFT® can often do the job beautifully (be sure to consult your physician).

Here is how Colleen describes the situation with her client BEFORE using EFT®, "As we discussed our entrepreneurial challenges over lunch, Bernadette's back pain worsened.  After our meal, she tried to rise from my dining room chair but the excruciating pain caused her to sit back down.  She said she'd never had lower back pain this severe and would have to wait for the holiday weekend to end before she could visit her chiropractor."

Hugs, Gary


Hi Gary,

My friend “Bernadette” visited me and mentioned she'd been having daily lower backaches.  Earlier in the year Bernadette had left a secure corporate job to start her own business.  Like many new business owners, she felt uncomfortable experiencing the emotional roller coaster of feeling overwhelmed with too much business and then, at other times, not enough.

As we discussed our entrepreneurial challenges over lunch, Bernadette's back pain worsened.  After our meal, she tried to rise from my dining room chair but the excruciating pain caused her to sit back down.  She said she'd never had lower back pain this severe and would have to wait for the holiday weekend to end before she could visit her chiropractor.

I suggested an EFT® session.  She insisted it wasn't emotional but physical, as her spine must have shifted out of alignment. 


I opened Louise Hay's book, Heal Your Body A - Z and showed her the entry for lower back pain: "Fear of money.  Lack of financial support."  She agreed to tap with me, as she didn't want to spend the rest of the weekend in pain, which she described at level 9 on a scale of 0 to 10. 

We started with setup statements on her fears of financial failure:
- Even though I'm afraid my business will fail and I'll have to return to a stressful office job, I choose to let go of these fears and focus on what I DO desire to manifest.

- Even though I'm afraid I'll fail to repay the loan because my business isn't doing as well as I'd expected, I let go of this anxiety and choose to trust myself now.

- Even though I've made many business mistakes, I forgive myself and choose to think of them as steps to success.

- Even though I'm afraid I won't survive this emotional and financial roller coaster, I now accept these feast or famine business cycles and I release my fears of failure.

Bernadette tried to stand up again and said her back pain was now at level 7 out of 10.


She couldn't think of any other conscious financial worries.  Using surrogate muscle testing (SMT), I identified subconscious fears of rejection and success causing the remaining back pain. 

We continued tapping, starting with rejection fears:
- Even though I'm afraid of being rejected on cold calls when I market my business to others, I now believe that I'm offering a helpful service that people need.

- Even though I'm afraid that prospective customers will reject my marketing materials and I'll never get another chance with those prospects, I release these fears and now trust myself.

- Even though I'm afraid that customers will use my services once then reject me for a competitor, I let go of these fears. I now attract the best clients to my business.

At this point, Bernadette's back pain was at level 3 on a scale of 0 to 10.  Muscle testing indicated that her fears of the consequences of success remained.

We then tapped on her success fears:

- Even though I'm afraid that I might become so successful that I'll mismanage my finances and lose it all, I now let go of these fears.

- Even though I'm afraid family members will ask to borrow money from me if I'm too successful, I clear these fears out of my energy system, body, and mind.

- Even though I'm afraid I can't handle the stress of too many customers' demands and I might not have enough free time or privacy, I clear these fears. I'll easily balance my life.


Bernadette said that after tapping on the last setup statement, she'd felt anxious when she recalled being assigned several difficult projects at the same time during her previous employment. With muscle testing, we'd uncovered a three year old fear trigger of feeling overwhelmed with too much work which contributed to her current anxiety.

We tapped with this setup statement:
Even though I felt overwhelmed and unable to cope with the stresses of all those projects at my last job, I release all negative feelings from then and remember that I am now a safe, empowered and successful entrepreneur!

When muscle testing indicated all her financial fears were at level 0 out of 10, I asked Bernadette how she felt about the financial issues she'd previously feared.  She replied that she felt confident that she could handle anything and a bit silly to be worrying about things that never happened.

Next, we tapped in positive Law of Attraction affirmations about how she'd envisioned her income and bank account growing, her business succeeding and helping many people.  I then asked her to slowly stand up. 

Bernadette gingerly rose from the chair, expecting to feel at least minor pain.  She straightened up, flashed a big smile and exclaimed, “I don't believe it!  The pain's gone!”

* * * *

Readers, a common question that people ask me is, “Why can't I get EFT® (or any meridian clearing modality) to work well for me?”

You may not be aiming the modality at the core FEAR-BASED issues and/or you stop the clearing processes before you (or your surrogate) have completely released all the emotions at the root of the ailment.

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