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     Everything is energy, including fear.

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Your Center for Dowsing & Well Being with Expert Colleen M Flanagan

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#1 EPIC Way to LET GO of Caregiver's GUILT, feeling trapped, hopeless & out of control!

My mother's rapid mental deterioration stressed out the entire family. She's now in assisted living, but the entire process of finding a facility, moving her, selling her house, clearing room after room of clutter... it emotionally exhausted me, robbed me of a good night's sleep. 

Fellow caregivers, get relief via the below videos. You deserve to feel well. You don't have to suffer in silence with emotional fatigue.

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Emotional Rescue

Caregivers' Relief for feeling disillusioned, despair about your work or life via this DIY video demo.

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Are YOU a Caregiver on an Emotional Roller Coaster?

I was, too!  These videos lessen caregiver's stress.

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Emotional Relief Scripts

Got caregiver stress, burnout? Follow along with this video to clear painful emotions FAST!