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Hire me to find and list your subconscious fear blocks on a particular topic, then send an in-depth reading by email today... no matter where you are in the world.

Here's how EASY it is:
1) Think of ONE ASPECT or ONE CONDITION you want change in your life, or you've tried to change but feel blocked.

NOTE: I do NOT do readings for depression, cancer, or other serious conditions, including extreme anxiety. Those must be treated by a doctor or other healthcare specialist.

2) Write down ONE question per each SPECIFIC ASPECT or CONDITION, e.g.,

  • What are my blocks to earning over $20K a year since 2007?
  • What fears are blocking honest, open communication with my spouse?
  • What are my emotional blocks to healing my right knee pain?
  • What emotions are triggering the flaky skin condition for my mare, Breeze?
  • Which fears are at the root of my allergies to dairy products?

3) Click the PayPal button below, select how many Surrogate Muscle Testing Readings you need at $25 per report, then complete the PayPal payment.

4) When the payment is completed, your computer's browser will be redirected by PayPal to a webpage on this site. Fill out and submit the form with the questions you wrote down. If YOU DO NOT get the page with the form on it, please email your questions to me via the Contact Page on this website.

5) I will respond in 1-3 business days (Monday thru Friday) with a document listing specific fear blocks for you to release.

WHAT IS KINESIOLOGY aka Dowsing aka Muscle Testing??

Imagine the human energy system as a computer connected to a database of Universal Consciousness. The human body can be used as a tool to access this information via a method called "dowsing", “muscle testing” or “kinesiology.” 

Kinesiology is a human version of a car's GPS: Global Positioning System. Like a GPS, kinesiology can tap into the our life map and guide us about everything from brands of vitamins to painful emotions to fear blocks to moving forward in life. 

Doctors and well being professionals all over the planet now use kinesiology. I've used it since the 1980's to flush out the truth.


The process works because the body, when used as a diagnostic tool, is not biased as is the conscious mind. Kinesiology honestly assesses and replies to questions that require a yes or no answer, without using human analytical thinking, without being biased.

The document also contains instructions to use my FREED clearing method to release these blocks. Check out the below reading on a client's question about lack of wealth.

One client enjoys her SMT readings' validations: "I think the most helpful thing of all about these readings is sometimes deep down I know I have fears... but I don't want to admit it. Having you tell me in a reading though makes me say, 'It's time to take care of this. No more hiding! We can do it!' Can't wait to clears these fears out!" --S.S., Oregon, USA


By the time we're adults, most of us have hundreds of layers of repressed emotions from life experiences.  When we do emotional release work, we often cannot identify these emotions, which are at the ROOT of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual conditions.

I connect to your emotional signature and use surrogate muscle testing to find these layers, wherever you are in the world. I can also "read" your children and animal friends, find their hidden fear blocks and report them back to you.  I do NOT do readings for third party adults, as that's an invasion of privacy.

Our exchanges are COMPLETELY PRIVATE, non-judgmental, done via email - only $25!
THANK YOU for this opportunity to serve you with my Kinesiology skills!

More Clients' SMT Reading Testimonials

"Colleen, I have to tell you or I will burst.  For the first time in 55 years (I'm 61), I woke up on a Monday morning anxiety and panic free.  Also no hot flashes to speak of... most mornings, but ESPECIALLY Monday mornings have been this dark night of the soul experience that I would wish on no one. Wow! How cool is this?" --E.R., USA

"Damn woman, you rock! Thank you so much. Am I allowed to buy more questions? I can't tell you how much I appreciate how you worded everything....You just hit things so on the nose for are a very gifted woman." -- F.C., USA

"Thanks Colleen, that is an excellent document that you wrote. I will start this today." -- D.G., Australia