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Did you know that dry skin can be triggered by unexpressed emotions?

I live in Arizona, where extremely dry air is common. Since I stopped blaming the desert and old age for my parched skin, and began releasing emotional causes, my skin changed for the better. Now I understand that new dry skin conditions mean fearful emotions. Clear the emotions, nourish the skin.

For example, when a patch of dry, itchy skin appeared on the right side of my back, negative work-related emotions were the culprits.

I harbored fears that a pesky business project would never “get off my back”. I wished the whole situation would dry up. I was itching for it to go away.

I applied EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is acupressure for the emotions, and released all the fears about the situation. The dry skin flaked away for good. The rough, dry, itchy patch healed itself in about two weeks.


Do you have persistent dry skin somewhere? Your body is telling you about repressed emotions via the location and condition.

For example, dry skin on the elbows or knees is commonly attributed to aging.

Applying mind-body-emotions wisdom, we see a different reason: elbows and knees give us flexibility in doing our work, reaching out to others, and walking our Life Path.

Dry, flaky, ashy elbow or knee skin indicates you’re fearing a LACK of FLEXIBILITY in love (left side) or work and money (right side), and wishing the inflexible situation would dry up and flake off.


Your body wants to be healthy. Emotions are energy that can block your natural well being. Instead of cursing your dry skin, why not respect what your body is telling you, before the condition progresses into a more serious ailment?

Please check out the below video on the emotional causes of common skin conditions. Use your favorite emotional release modality to clear out those that apply to you.

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