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Got a relentless, overwhelming urge to master the art of dowsing? Then this book is for YOU.

Fear-based emotions, energy toxins, and polarity reversals are among the biggest blocks to intuition and dowsing accuracy.
This book will guide YOU to let go of conscious and subconscious fears, frustration, and impatience with dowsing.

How does this book differ from other dowsing manuals? It offers a PROVEN SYSTEM designed to guide you from being a divination newbie to fearless, accurate dowsing mastery.

Dowsing difficulties are rooted in fear. Release the fear, and your skills will expand in speed and accuracy.

You’ll discover…

1. THREE common blocks to dowsing success:
fear-based emotions, energy toxins, and polarity reversals.

2. SIX scripts to demolish the above blocks
via fast, easy-to-follow steps, clearing your path to dowsing proficiency.

3. FIFTEEN dowsing techniques
including self-applied kinesiology aka muscle testing, two-person muscle testing, and using a pendulum for information and/or shifting energy.

4. Methods of specific questioning
for various topics, including physical well being, dates, times, and names.

You can find out almost ANYTHING with DOWSING, for your life, your human & animal family, friends - even start a business doing DOWSING READINGS!

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Start your own Surrogate Dowsing Report business and get  Client Testimonials like this:

"Damn woman, you rock! Thank you so much. Am I allowed to buy more questions? I can't tell you how much I appreciate how you worded everything....You just hit things so on the nose for are a very gifted woman." -- F.C., USA

Help others recognize their hidden issues, fears and doubts then return to wellness:

"I think the most helpful thing of all about these readings is sometimes deep down I know I have fears... but I don't want to admit it. Having you tell me in a reading though makes me say, 'It's time to take care of this. No more hiding! We can do it!' Can't wait to clears these fears out!" --S.S., Oregon, USA

You can also dowse for...

Angels & Guides, their names, purposes
Closet Clutter, to keep or donate items
Dream Interpretations and predictive info
Entertainment, which show you'd most enjoy
Food Selection in the grocery store
Gardening, dowse for the healthiest plants

... and anything else you'd like to know!

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This book's THREE STEP SUCCESS SYSTEM clears your dowsing fears, teaches several methods then offers games to practice, lines of questioning and more!

Become a dowsing master like me! All my secrets are in this book... which became an Amazon Best Seller the weekend it was released!