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Colleen's Newsletter Archive  starts with her latest publication and goes back to August 2007. Check out her mind-body-emotions wisdom and wellness tips for you, your family and animal friends.

The American Society of Dowsers offers loads of no-cost dowsing information to support your divination education. Members (yes, I'm one) get access into decades of amazing archives. I've learned so much from this site's contributers!  by radio personality Wayne Kelly who hosts the Wayne & Jayne Show.He promotes experts on the air, and coaches entrepreneurs on media use for max publicity. Wayne also assists with creating your media kit and products. Sample his work, check out my 6 minute interview with Wayne HERE on financial self-sabotage. features Mary Radspinneris a gifted harpist and Advanced Reiki practitioner.  She offers a custom meditation played on the harp after your distance Reiki session, and an mp3 recording of it to enjoy over and over again.

World Center for EFT Site lists thousands of cases about the success of EFT on people and pets, including my articles. I passed Dawson Church's EFT certification exam via this site to be an Intermediate Practitioner in 2011.  offers free self-help and holistic articles, videos and information for your personal growth and well being, including EFT experts such as myself.

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Free Interview and FREED Demo: Trudy Thomas and I discuss the body-mind-emotions connection and the emotional roots of pain and illness. Follow along as I demo my FREED fast pain relief techniques for the audience and co-host Twinkle gets instant results!

EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping Chart: is my exclusive 1-page guide to tap away your stress, fears and anxieties.

Free Podcast on Using EFT for 5 Basic Fears: Listen to Gene Monterastelli  interview me on the five fears at the root of all non-beneficial emotions, how to identify the core issues then clear fear using EFT like an expert!

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