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Have used many protein powders in the past 30 years, but wasn't satisfied as I'd be hungry in an hour or two and/or they tasted awful.

I LOVE this Bodylogix Natural Whey Protein Natural Dark Chocolate powder! It tastes rich and delicious, mixes easily with almond milk and juice, and best of all, keeps me FULL for hours. I drink it at 7:30 am and am not hungry for FIVE hours! Am also delighted with the recyclable container of paper and plastic.

Am on my third canister of this product and will keep buying it, despite the recent price hikes. This is by far the best protein powder I've ever used, and I like that the contents are very healthy, too.

Tried the rest, this one's the BEST!

Better Buy

Smaller Size

My FAVORITE Reference!

This book presents in-depth mind-body-emotions info to  decode the emotions causing your physical conditions.  You can then apply FREED or any emotional release modality to clear the emotions and return to health and well being. Comes with a CD and two guided meditations

Lowered my LDL and Triglycerides Like No Other Product

My blood test showed my LDL cholesterol and triglycerides too high, my HDL cholesterol too low, despite daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I tried several other red yeast rice supplements with CoQ10. NOTHING worked well EXCEPT this product. After 4 months of taking the Jarrow Formula, my blood test showed that my LDL and triglycerides were in the normal range, and my HDL was almost into the healthy range. What a relief! Have shopped around but the best prices for this product are on Amazon.

Perfect Light Minty Summertime Lotion

Love this minty organic lotion! I live in the Southwest USA where summer temps can range from 108-118F. The lotion is cooling, energizing and exhilarating on my skin. Also enjoy applying it for a late afternoon pick-me-up. The peppermint scent is delicious but not overpowering. The lotion itself is NOT heavy, but effective in moisturizing my skin. Will absolutely buy this again!

High Energy Lasts For Hours

Been hearing all the hype about drinking beet juice lately and was extremely skeptical. Am in my early sixties and needed more energy. Bought this brand several weeks ago and am extremely pleased. I drink it every morning before I jog and DO feel more energy and stamina, even when I don't get enough sleep. I mix the powder in a half a mug of warm (not hot--stir it about 30-60 seconds) green tea and chug it down, then I work out.

Yes, it smells and tastes like beets, and is very slightly sweet, all of which I find quite pleasant along with this new energy surge! I will buy this product again and again, and highly recommend it. Have tried many other products for energy but this one really works well for me.

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