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How to Survive Difficult Holiday Family Gatherings

and Release OLD Fears from Past Holidays

Dreading the upcoming holidays due to past traumas when you felt under attack, bored, or afraid that the torturous visit would never end fast enough?

Then put Proactive Self-Healing and Stress Relief at the TOP of your holiday to-do list.

When you release your fear triggers, the family jerks can't push your buttons, drain your joyful energy or ruin your holidays.


Step 1: Write down fears that come to mind from painful past holiday experiences, e.g., "My uncles got drunk then started to fistfight - I felt terrified, am afraid it will happen this year."

Step 2: Clear the fear out of your energy system by gently tapping or massaging the area under your nose, above the center of your upper lip.
This acupressure point is the end of the Governing Vessel Meridian, a powerful area that clears your other meridians, too.

Step 3: Starting with the first (or worst fear) in mind and as you do step 2, repeat THREE TIMES: I NOW release my fear triggers from when (name the situation and people) happened during the holidays. Someday, if not today, I forgive everyone involved. I now feel safe and fearless to trust myself and my reactions in situations like this. I create a plan to follow if this situation happens again.

EXAMPLE: using the above uncles' fistfight fear, you'd say "I NOW release all my holiday fear triggers from when my uncles got drunk, began fighting, and I felt unsafe and trapped. I forgive everyone involved. I choose to feel safe and fearless. I will leave the room or the house if this happens this year."

Step 4: Relax and take an emotional inventory.  If you still feel uneasy, apply the release work to the remaining fears. You don't have to clear all the fears at once.  You can do a little bit each day as time permits.

When you can think about stressful past events and what MIGHT happen this year, but feel NO fear or negative emotions, you're done! Congrats!

Table of Contents

INTRO TO EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques®

The EFT® Tapping Sequence For A Round

Your Formula For EFT® Success


Surrogate EFT® (What It Is, How It works)

All-Purpose Scripts For Any Occasion (The Core Issue Fears)

Tapping Away Mental Fear Blocks
- Need To Be Perfect To Deserve Love
- Blasting Procrastination
- Fear Blocks to Enhancing Intuition

Tapping Away Business or Job Fears
- Public Speaking Fears
- Fear of Failure to Find a New Job
- Job Loss Fears
- Self-Employment Failure Fears

Tapping Away Health Issues
- Mind Your Emotions, Mend Your Body
- Body-Mind-Emotions Symbology
- TEMPLATE #1: Relieving Skin Conditions
- TEMPLATE #2: Upper, Middle, Lower Back Pain
- TEMPLATE #3: Blasting Weight Loss Blocks

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