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INTRO TO EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques®

The EFT® Tapping Sequence For A Round

Your Formula For EFT® Success


Surrogate EFT® (What It Is, How It works)

All-Purpose Scripts For Any Occasion (The Core Issue Fears)

Tapping Away Mental Fear Blocks
- Need To Be Perfect To Deserve Love
- Blasting Procrastination
- Fear Blocks to Enhancing Intuition

Tapping Away Business or Job Fears
- Public Speaking Fears
- Fear of Failure to Find a New Job
- Job Loss Fears
- Self-Employment Failure Fears

Tapping Away Health Issues
- Mind Your Emotions, Mend Your Body
- Body-Mind-Emotions Symbology
- TEMPLATE #1: Relieving Skin Conditions
- TEMPLATE #2: Upper, Middle, Lower Back Pain
- TEMPLATE #3: Blasting Weight Loss Blocks

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EFT really works well when you know HOW to use it.

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Hawaiian Cleansing 


Super-charged with meridian stimulation! 


Tap on or gently massage this EFT shortcut point called "Under Nose (UN), while repeating the Ho'oponopono mantra FOUR TIMES and focusing on what you want to clear.

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I first heard of Ho’oponopono via bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur Joe Vitale who learned it from Dr. Ihaleakela “Stan” Hew Len. Although skeptical at first, Joe was so impressed with Ho‘oponopono that he wrote a book on using it called “Zero Limits”.

That book changed my life. I wrote this testimonial to Joe about two of my experiences. He put it in his next Ho'oponpono book "At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho'oponopono". Since then, people worldwide have contacted me about EFT, FREED, and Hawaiian healing. Thank you, Joe!   

Ho‘oponopono loosely translated means "to set things right". We are all co-creating our lives energetically with the Universe.  Sometimes we create uncomfortable situations with other people so we can learn lessons of forgiveness, patience or endurance. 

Yes, we can release our own fears and hard feelings via meridian clearing about these situations. BUT, the other people may retain their negative feelings about us and what happened. These situations are perfect to use Ho‘oponopono with an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) shortcut to clear the negative energy.

Dr. Hew Len, a consulting clinical psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital, used Ho’oponopono to heal dangerous, violent, mentally ill criminals. Although he never saw or talked with his patients, he had profound results by using this process. He simply wrote down their names then worked on himself to cleanse his judgments, beliefs and attitudes.  As his attachments and memories were cleansed, his patients’ conditions dramatically improved.

Dr. Hew Len invokes Ho‘oponopono, which is also called cleaning or cleansing oneself,  via these four phrases, repeated four times:

I Love You

I'm Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You

Dr. Hew Len advises that everyone, “Clean, clean, clean!” Non-loving situations are presented to us for a reason. Our responsibility is to clear the energy using Ho'oponopono, whether we're involved in the situation or not. (See my below examples, on the job and in public.) 

By repeating those four phrases, you will cleanse your energy, your experiences, your life.  I chant Ho'oponopono when I can't sleep - instant relaxation!


You may feel lighter, brighter and unburdened. You may want to continue chanting the four Ho'oponopono phrases with the tapping until you can think of that person and/or situation and feel acceptance.

One memorable Ho‘oponopono experience involved two abrasive, negative bullies at a corporate client site where I consulted part-time. As an empath, the negative energy felt deeply uncomfortable to me. I used Ho‘oponopono to "set things right" in the office. After a few days of Ho‘oponopono chanting whenever I felt the tension, both bullies acted kindly toward me and our colleagues. They also began to smile more and the energy there felt lighter and friendlier.


One morning, as I walked across a shopping center parking lot, I saw a man yelling at a young boy for dropping his water bottle on the ground. The man then berated the terrified boy, "It's all your fault what happened to your mother!" I silently began the Ho'oponopono chanting while rubbing the side of my index finger under my nose, as if scratching an itch. Moments later, I felt the tense energy shift then lighten. The man stopped yelling and hugged the boy, apologizing in a tearful voice.

YOU can work Ho'oponopono miracles for yourself and others, too!