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Boost Your Intuitive Skills  in MINUTES!

Psychic Success Tips for Anyone

Book reviewers' comments:

"I am not psychic myself but have been so curious about what goes on in the life of the psychics I have spoken to... The book is short but packed with lots of good info."

"Great information and much needed in this industry. Thank you for the clear insight and guidance that this book brings."

"Colleen's book will supply you with practical tools which will allow you to protect yourself from bad energies as well as overcome intuitive blocks..."


Repeat the steps until you know your fears about your intuition are gone. Trust that your clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairgustance, and clairscent will open and expand at the appropriate rate for your development on every level.   

(1) IDENTIFY the fears blocking your intuition:  ask “What’s the worst that can happen after I open my intuition?” Asking this question triggers your conscious and subconscious minds to provide answers. Write down every thought on this topic, no matter how ridiculous it seems to you. If you thought of this possibility, then it’s lurking somewhere in your energy.

Common blocks I've helped others clear include fears of being haunted by spirits day and night, can't turn off the intuition, that you are not intuitive and never will be.

(2) CLEAR those fears you listed:do one at a time using your preferred emotional release modality. Don't have one? Use my newest, fastest method shown below. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - this is very powerful modality!

Begin the gentle tapping or massaging with any fingertip as you repeat these clearing statements (or your own).

I now let go of all my fears that…

- Other people were born more intuitive than I am so I'll never be as good as them.
- It is unsafe for me to receive and strengthen my intuitive gifts as they will lead to pain.
- I cannot trust my inner guidance because it's been wrong in the past.
- I don't deserve to be loved and supported by others and the Universe.
- My intuitive skills vanished, they cannot be retrieved and are gone forever
- I may bring evil spirits into my house or energy and can’t clear them.
- In past lives I was killed for doing this kind of dangerous work.
- I am violating religious rules, being a heretic and blasphemer.
- My family and friends will make fun of me for being intuitive.

- Something outside of me is blocking my psychic skills. I now disconnect my energy from all non-beneficial thought forms, morphic fields, archons, implants, imprints, malevolent energy disturbances and contamination.

- I open my heart, soul and energy to the wisdom that I am surrounded by kind, loving Celestial Beings of Divine Light. There is NOTHING I can’t handle or resolve, because I am Divinely Inspired. I am safe, loved, enhancing my intuitive gifts. So be it!

Stop tapping, put your hand down, and take a few refreshing deep breaths.

(3) TEST yourself: to ensure you feel 100% clear of the blocks. If you’re still unsure if you’ve cleared all your intuitive blocks, ask again, “What’s the worst that can happen after I strengthen my intuition?”

When you feel that no matter what happens with your intuition and accuracy, you can and will handle it, then you should be 100% clear. Congratulations!

No matter what you do professionally or personally, having a strong, accurate intuition is a huge asset.

We ALL have intuitive gifts. Most were repressed or shut down in childhood.

It's NOT too  late to UNLOCK your intuition with emotional release, as I did.