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Table of Contents

INTRO TO EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques®

The EFT® Tapping Sequence For A Round

Your Formula For EFT® Success


Surrogate EFT® (What It Is, How It works)

All-Purpose Scripts For Any Occasion (The Core Issue Fears)

Tapping Away Mental Fear Blocks
- Need To Be Perfect To Deserve Love
- Blasting Procrastination
- Fear Blocks to Enhancing Intuition

Tapping Away Business or Job Fears
- Public Speaking Fears
- Fear of Failure to Find a New Job
- Job Loss Fears
- Self-Employment Failure Fears

Tapping Away Health Issues
- Mind Your Emotions, Mend Your Body
- Body-Mind-Emotions Symbology
- TEMPLATE #1: Relieving Skin Conditions
- TEMPLATE #2: Upper, Middle, Lower Back Pain
- TEMPLATE #3: Blasting Weight Loss Blocks

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EFT really works well when you know HOW to use it.

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My fave hideout from chores as a kid was at the Lake Erie beach.

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By Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I, EFT-ADV, EFT-INTc

This process can be applied to YOUR Inner Child and grandchildren, too.

We learn early in life that procrastinating or refusing to finish unsavory tasks succeeds at times. Children resist responsibilities for the same reasons that adults do:

  • Fear of failing to do it correctly then getting reprimanded
  • Fear the chore will be painfully long, boring or difficult
  • Fear of rejection or ridicule by peers or authority figures
  • Fear that if they successfully complete it, they will be expected to do more difficult tasks more often

Bottom line: children resist to avoid the pain they think that a task will bring.


Why not avoid the inevitable cycle of nagging and refusal? This  4.5 minute video will explain more then guide you through a demo to release your child's resistance triggers to ANYTHING.


Can be used with ANY

meridian clearing modality!

Suspect that emotions are causing your child to feel physically unwell?

Get my FAVE body-mind-emotions reference guide by Deb Shapiro. The information can be used for adults, children, and your animal friends.

This 347 page book comes with 2 guided meditations included on a CD in the back of the book. I own many body-mind books, but this is the one I use MOST!