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"I am a Reiki master, I use EFT, and can dowse (well, sorta) and yesterday I used all of them upon feeling out of sorts and the feeling came back until I zapped it with FREED (Colleen's EFT Shortcut)!  I woke up this a.m. feeling wonderful.  I am using it on my cats.

IT IS A MIRACLE!  Thank you so much!"
--E.R., USA

Originally published by EFT Founder, Gary Craig, on as

What to Do When an Agitated Pet Damages Your Home

Hi Everyone,
This article by Colleen Flanagan gives us pointers about tuning into animals and collapsing

their issues. Note that Colleen did much of her work surrogately.
Hugs, Gary  

By Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I, EFT-ADV, EFT-INTc

Hi Gary,

I hope this case study helps people understand that animals have excellent memories, especially for traumatic events.  Also, many pets can see the pictures in our minds and will send pictures to us as a form of communication.  Some critters can even see spirits as their clairvoyance, unlike ours, is pure and unblocked.  EFT is an effective tool to release an animal’s fears of distressing memories, upsetting sights and strangers - even celestial ones - in its home.

“Jackie” called me for help with her 2-year-old neutered male cat, Ninja, who destroyed furniture and expensive rugs, pulled down wall hangings and paintings whenever she left the house.  She had to put Ninja “in lockdown” in a large cat run before leaving the house to prevent further destruction due to his separation anxiety.  I explained to her that pet misbehavior is often a symptom of emotional distress and she requested an EFT house call.

Once there, I sat next to the sleek black cat, talked to him in soothing tones and assured him that I was there to help.  He looked me straight in the eyes then a picture flashed through my mind of a dark-haired man offering to drown a litter of unwanted kittens - Ninja and his siblings.  I told Jackie what I’d seen.  She replied that her cat had always been terrified of men but she hadn’t known why.

Surrogate muscle testing indicated an intensity level of 10 out of 10 regarding his fear of failure to be safe when alone due to his memory of “the bad man” wanting to kill him. 

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Jackie sat next to me and we double-teamed Ninja by applying surrogate EFT to ourselves with these setup phrases:

- Even though I’m afraid the bad man will drown me when Mommy is gone…

- Even though I never feel safe when she leaves me alone…

- Even though I’m afraid all men will want to hurt me like the bad man did…

- Even though I can only forget my fear when I chew and claw Mommy’s things…

After the surrogate muscle testing indicated those fears were at an intensity level of zero out of 10, I found that the feline had a fear of abandonment that had an intensity level of 10 out of 10.  I asked Ninja if he was afraid his mommy would leave him.  A picture of Jackie taking him to an animal shelter popped into my mind.  I asked Jackie about what I’d seen and she admitted she’d thought about re-homing Ninja due to his overanxious nature and costly destructive habits.  We tapped again, using these setup phrases:

- Even though I know I’ve been a bad boy and I upset Mommy many times…

- Even though I’m afraid Mommy will give me away and I’ll never be safe again…

- Even though I’m afraid I might have a new owner who is a bad man, too…

- Even though I know Mommy thought about giving me away, I now choose to act like a good boy and make Mommy happy everyday.

The ebony feline calmly lounged on a rug, and then fell asleep as we repeated several positive phrases while tapping on the top of our heads, our faces and torsos:

- I always feel safe whether Mommy is here or I am alone.

- I know that Mommy loves me and will keep me safe forever.

- I feel relaxed, happy, safe and loved.

- My new job is to guard Mommy’s home and keep her things safe when she is not here.

When I talked to Jackie two weeks later, she said Ninja had become calmer.
 Whenever he seemed anxious about strange noises or visitors, she gently tapped or massaged Ninja’s face, chest and paws and he relaxed. 

His destruction of the house stopped. Jackie couldn't have been happier.

This article's clearing statements can be used to dissolve the

emotional roots of ANY animal's destructive behavior

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