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(1) Focus with love on your precious pet.

(2) Begin the gentle tapping or massaging with any fingertip as you repeat the below clearing statements (or your own) one to three times each.

Colleen with two starving foals rescued from the slaughterhouse truck. Both responded well to their emotional rescues and were placed in loving homes.

Emotional Rescue for Your Animal's Stress

(during the holidays or ANY time)

As an animal caregiver, you’ve probably taken all the necessary precautions to keep your furry, feathered, scaled, or finned friends SAFE during any household disruptions, including parties, moving, or redecorating.

Experts say that it’s important to maintain your animals’ daily schedule of feeding, playing, exercise and grooming. Animals feel unsafe when there’s a change in their routine.

Combine a change of routine with the humans’ stress and excitement, and your helpless critter may develop emotional issues leading to unwanted behavior or physical conditions.


Please do this emotional clearing work on one animal at a time. It’s a wonderful gift to give your pets and should take about 10 minutes per animal.
(1) IDENTIFY their fears: all animals have unique personalities, and you probably know yours very well. Common fears that animals have when their humans are stressed out or over-excited include fears of not being safe and feeling rejected.

Some have a fear of failure to be a good animal after they’ve been yelled at several times, especially dogs and horses. Rescued or formerly stray animals may have linked (from previous owners) that when there’s change in their homes, bad things happen to them.

(2) CLEAR those fears: release one fear at a time from the Governing Vessel Meridian (GVM) using your preferred emotional release modality. Don't have one? Here are THREE to try.

First, the easiest way to do this is HANDS ON while you’re petting the animal, running your  hand along the GVM, from the top of the head, gently and slowly down the spine to the base of the tail, then starting again at the top of your head while repeating the below clearing statements, and/or any of your own that come to mind.

Second, if your pet is too skittish to be held or petted, you can use either of my fast SURROGATE meridian clearing methods shown below. You'll clear your own meridian system on behalf of your animal friend.

I now release all of (animal’s name) fears and non-beneficial energies that…

- S/he feels afraid and unsafe because the daily routine has been changed.

- The calm energy in our home has been disrupted and feels frightening.

- When changes occur in the environment, bad things will happen and this makes him/her nervous and anxious.

- S/he is rejected from the family after been yelled at when investigating the new things and/or food for humans offered around the house.

- S/he is a failure and a bad animal and not loved by the family.

- S/he doesn’t understand the energy shifts or household changes and is instinctively wary or frightened.

- I now instill in this precious soul a deep certainty that s/he is loved and safe here forever.

Stop the clearing, put your hand down, and take a few refreshing deep breaths. Imagine disconnecting your energy from the animal's energy system. You don't want them sharing your emotions!

(3) Observe your animal’s behavior: if s/he seems calmer and happier, well done! Otherwise, reapply the clearing in a day or two.

Bless you for taking great care of your animals!

Thank you for reading this article!

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This article's clearing statements can be used to clear  ANY animal's stress... use at your own risk!

"I am a Reiki master, I use EFT, and can dowse (well, sorta) and yesterday I used all of them upon feeling out of sorts and the feeling came back until I zapped it with FREED (Colleen's EFT Shortcut)!  I woke up this a.m. feeling wonderful.  I am using it on my cats.

IT IS A MIRACLE!  Thank you so much!"
--E.R., USA

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