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What one animal lover wrote...

"I am a Reiki master, I use EFT, and can dowse (well, sorta) and yesterday I used all of them upon feeling out of sorts and the feeling came back until I zapped it with FREED (Colleen's EFT Shortcut)!  I woke up this a.m. feeling wonderful.  I am using it on my cats.

IT IS A MIRACLE!  Thank you so much!"
--E.R., USA

(Does NOT replace veterinarian's care)

Clearing Household

Stress from Pets 


A woman contacted me for help with her young dog's hip problems. The pup was in pain, and could barely walk. Her veterinarian suggested surgery, but this animal lover wanted to check for emotional causes first. Thank goodness she did!

My surrogate muscle testing connected to her Pomeranian's energy system, over 2,000 miles away. The dog was absorbing the household stress about financial difficulties. The owner and I tapped away all non-beneficial human and animal emotions. Weeks later, I received this testimonial:

"You determined she (our dog) was taking on our money worries and after that she progressively recovered without surgery all from a one-time session with you. What you say about the pack adjusting their energy and stress levels to the pack leader (human) makes total sense -- I thought I was handling it, maybe not 'well' but holding it together, let's say! 

That whole thing was just a miracle to me and for her!"

-- H.R., Pennsylvania


Your animals and children can sense your fear and heartache, no matter how much you smile, or what you do to hide your pain.

Animals don't have to live in your home to be aware of your fear and stress. Many horse owners confessed that when they released their fears about love, work, and money, their equine friends' aches, pains, and other ailments cleared up.

A holistic veterinarian told me that after decades of treating pets, she's no longer surprised to hear that her animal patients share the same conditions as their owners.


You cannot prevent your animals from taking on your stress and other emotions. They only want you to be well again. 

You CAN...

1) Release your fears and concerns, no matter how minor you consider them to be.

2) Perform meridian clearing on your critters when you're all relaxed and calm. The video at the top of this page demonstrates how.

Bless you for helping the animals!

Do your animals need in-depth Emotional Rescues?

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