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Why People Choose Colleen's 
Dowse & Clear Well Being Sessions

What Clients are saying...

 "I was looking back at the past year and I just want to tell you how very grateful I am. The work you did with me helped me move in areas I was stuck in for a long time. Your unwavering persistence in digging for the blocks and skill at EFT and muscle testing was invaluable for me. So Again THANK YOU." - S.R., Canada

"Our last session was great and filled me with real hope and energy. I have made big leaps since working with you. Thanks Colleen!"

- L.L.S, England

"You determined she (our dog) was taking on our money worries and after that she progressively recovered without surgery all from a one-time session with you... That whole thing was just a miracle to me and for her!" -- H.R., USA

Private sessions are NO LONGER available at this time.

(1) You'll learn Advanced Self-Healing methods and processes
to use anytime for yourself and loved ones, from a worldwide practitioner who's non-judgemental, compassionate, and caring.

(2) Surrogate Muscle Testing (SMT) accurately identifies your subconscious fear blocks that triggered physical or emotional issues, no matter where you, your human or animal loved ones are in the world. No more wasting time with guesswork. Sessions are fast and productive.

(3) Mastery in Trauma Relief: thousands of emotional release sessions have been successfully conducted by Colleen in workshops, private and group sessions since 2002.

(4) Find It / Clear It / Confirm Clear Success System: surrogate dowsing identifies fear-based blocks, clears each one, verifies they're gone, then we move on to find and clear the next one.

(5) Confidentiality is guaranteed via the Client Practitioner Agreement. Your records are kept in a secure, locked file.

(6) Transformational Packages are available for clients who want the BEST VALUE and discounted multiple sessions to accelerate progress along their return to well being.

(7) Guidance to do Post-Session Energy Work: if you wish, after your session Colleen will dowse for a few remaining issues you can write down to clear as "homework".

(8) Post-Session Follow-up via Email for FIVE Business Days: Email your questions to Colleen, then receive your answers in 24-48 hours, Monday thru Friday.

(9) Referral Bonus entitles you to a FREE SESSION after you refer two adult clients who purchase at least one session each with Colleen.

(10) You're Helping Charitable Organizations: a portion of each session fee is donated to food banks, animal rescues, and veterans' charities.

Our exchanges are 100% PRIVATE & non-judgmental.

NOTE:  A Client-Practitioner Agreement must be read, signed and dated by new clients then returned to me via email (scanned file) or snail mail BEFORE the first session. Download your .pdf agreement by clicking here.

"Before I decided to try to heal myself... I was existing, literally 'living a life of quiet desperation'.  Yes, I was a fully functioning, successful professional - but inwardly had deep emotional pain, anger, etc. that was evident to others.

This has now changed since finding EFT and you and your FREED method. Today I am a very changed man. Several acquaintances and coworkers have recently commented to me that I am a very changed person." --S.R., U.S. Military Officer

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