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Sibling-Caused Emotional Pain

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Table of Contents

INTRO TO EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques®

The EFT® Tapping Sequence For A Round

Your Formula For EFT® Success


Surrogate EFT® (What It Is, How It works)

All-Purpose Scripts For Any Occasion (The Core Issue Fears)

Tapping Away Mental Fear Blocks
- Need To Be Perfect To Deserve Love
- Blasting Procrastination
- Fear Blocks to Enhancing Intuition

Tapping Away Business or Job Fears
- Public Speaking Fears
- Fear of Failure to Find a New Job
- Job Loss Fears
- Self-Employment Failure Fears

Tapping Away Health Issues
- Mind Your Emotions, Mend Your Body
- Body-Mind-Emotions Symbology
- TEMPLATE #1: Relieving Skin Conditions
- TEMPLATE #2: Upper, Middle, Lower Back Pain
- TEMPLATE #3: Blasting Weight Loss Blocks

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By Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I, EFT-ADV, EFT-INTc

Why do some grown-up siblings engage in despicable behavior?

Experts say it’s sibling rivalry.

Hostility toward sisters and brothers may be rooted in childhood pain, such as perceptions (or realities) that certain kids were treated with favoritism, received disproportionate love, affection, discipline or punishment.

Emotionally damaged adults feel justified to wound or take advantage of siblings as a form of retribution for their perceived childhood injustices or losses.

This 6.5 minute video explains more then guides you through an exercise to release your sibling-caused emotional pain.