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"I have just finished my daily tapping session... I feel lighter now and I think it is important to release all those stacked emotions that serve no purpose. I am forever grateful for your help and your kindness. Thank you for believing in me and taking the time to write back. I think that is exactly what I needed to hear and it is about time that I start believing more in myself too!" --R.P., London, UK

"Thanks for another awesome session today - I swear your sessions makes more improvements to my singing than actual singing lessons - you are the best vocal coach :-)!!!"
--S.R., Canada

"I've been thinking about you lately and how much the work you did for my son and me has really helped. I am interested in having another session to clear out any residual blockage, negative energy etc. Thank you." --A.L, USA
"I want to thank you for your help in collapsing my issues around my mom's death, and the other two traumatic events as well.  I feel energetically so much lighter.

The surrogate muscle testing saves so much time. It's a highly efficient tool. Thanks again!"   --G.Q., Arizona

"Colleen, I really appreciate the Emotional Rescue.  Your muscle-testing helped me realize what was holding me back and EFT released the childhood fears in only one session. Thank you!"   -- W. H., USA

"My energy has been on top of the world especially at work. I feel happy for no reason, just spurts of pure joy coming in. Far cry from last October when I first spoke with you. Thank you! "   - S. R., California

"You determined she (our dog) was taking on our money worries and after that she progressively recovered without surgery all from a one-time session with you. What you say about the pack adjusting their energy and stress levels to the pack leader (human) makes total sense-- I thought I was handling it, maybe not 'well' but holding it together, let's say! 

That whole thing was just a miracle to me and for her!" -- H.R., Pennsylvania

"Thank you again for your time and most of all your wonderful energy. My knee feels ever so much better as does my psyche. I'm well on the road to mending both physically and mentally. " 
- S.P., Oregon 

"Our last session was great and filled me with real hope and energy. I have made big leaps since working with you. Thanks Colleen!"    - L.L.S, England

"Colleen, just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you I am feeling so much better. 'Lighter' is the best way I can describe it. Thank you has made a world of difference."    - P.L., Washington

"I want to thank you for giving me assistance with my cat, Miss Kitty. We have been having quiet nights and early morning peace. No "roaring" at two, three or four in the morning. Thank you, thank you! "   - Y.K., Arizona

"Feedback from your Instant Stress Relief Workshop continues to be positive.  Thank you for presenting it to our group!"  -- D.G., USA Fortune 500 Company 

"Dear Colleen, I want to thank you for your help with my precious dog 'Inuk'.  I did do the suggested 3 clearings this morning then I cleaned his nose and he let me this time run some healing energy thru my hand left on his nose. He wouldn't let m do this before. THANK YOU again for your help. Bless you." --F.S., MT 

"Hi Colleen! Thank you so much for the session on Saturday, it was great!   I've been  doing the energy work with 'CC' too, so will keep that up and see what happens. Cheers!"  -- L.J. & C.C. (the horse), New Zealand 

"I was looking back at the past year and I just want to tell you how very grateful I am. The work you did with me helped me move in areas I was stuck in for a long time. Your unwavering persistence in digging for the blocks and skill at EFT and muscle testing was invaluable for me. So Again THANK YOU." - S.R., Canada

"I have been receiving compliments lately on my skin!  So I have told a few (receptive) people that you helped me with that. My dermatitis is much better and I have even been eating a little wheat without any breakouts.  Huzzah! -- B.H., Africa

"Just a quick note to thank you for all your help, healing and support for myself and my mother. You are very much appreciated." --S.R., Canada

I've given your name and email to a few people... Thank you again for all your help!" -- N.D., Arizona

"Doing emotional release work with Colleen has been an immense pleasure. Her friendly nature quickly establishes a trusting atmosphere and her accuracy at finding the core issues behind fears and emotions is impressive.

The energy that flows through her during sessions can easily be felt and is very uplifting. I went through a very long illness through which I became afraid of the world, and I consider my first session with Colleen to be the turning point towards the good health that I find myself with today.

Within a month of working with Colleen multiple times, I had released all of the allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances that had been plaguing my existence, and I was able to go back out into the world and continue my life.

I have since started my own emotional release business and consider Colleen my mentor as well as a close personal friend. Doing emotional release work with Colleen is a joy, and I recommend her services to anybody who is looking to get their life back on track in a fast, and effective manner."   
--B. R., NY