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Nov. 2018: not at obese weight, losing 1 LB a week!

July 2018: age 65, before

the obesity diagnosis

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Here's what I did, plus videos & resources to help YOU

My doctor said that my 11 year increasing weight gain, despite my healthy eating & daily exercise, indicated hormone imbalances such as insulin resistance. My body needed MORE TIME to heal itself between meals.

He said these two changes might rebalance my body:

  1. Abstain from eating 16 hours during every 24 hour period
  2. Cut back my carbohydrate intake to 50 grams daily (20 minimum)

NOT EAT when and what I want to? Oh heck NO!

But I really wanted to feel energized and slender again. Each day, I released anxious, resistant emotions as I adjusted my eating habits and times.

A miracle happened in September 2018...
my body began shedding one pound of fat each week - at age 65. And it hasn't stopped yet!

Please enjoy these videos to LOSE the EMOTIONS, then LOSE the WEIGHT!