As promised, this final article in our series shares how to ease captive animals’ distress. You can do this in a crowd of zoo visitors or via a photograph, video, or on television.

I recommend Dr. Vint Virga’s heartfelt book, “The Soul of All Living Creatures”. Dr. Virga's stories about his interactions with animals triggered me to write this three-part series. This veterinarian and animal behaviorist describes his feelings about Sakari, a female clouded leopard he treated:

All animal caregivers have grieved for critters in this condition. BUT there are things beyond conventional medicine that we CAN DO to help them.  

I saw “empty and spent” animals while volunteering at two local animal rescues. There is a WAY to bring them BACK: emotional release.

Two experiences that enriched my life...

  • A shivering, terrified four month old grey puppy with mangled ears and a scarred body who’d been used as a bait animal for dog fighting.
  • A toothless, older mustang with multiple whip scars on his back and flanks, used by drug dealers to transport illegal substances across the Mexico-USA border, captured in a law enforcement raid.

Missy the puppy and Sunny the horse responded well to emotional clearing, and were able to trust humans again. Both were adopted. There's no reason why any animal, wild or domesticated, would not respond to emotional release via surrogate meridian clearing.  What kind of fears do they have?


Animals need to feel safe and enjoy daily variety such as searching for food in their environment. Many feel vulnerable when taken from their communities (packs, herds, flocks). Below are the three common fears I’ve found and cleared in captive animals:

1. Fear Of Not Being Safe due to being abused, attacked as a stray, or being feral then captured, having multiple owners, and/or never recovering from numerous habitat changes, having hundreds of humans staring at them each day.

2. Fear of Rejection / Abandonment by natural or adopted animal family or humans (including zookeepers) to whom they’ve bonded and loved as family

3. Fear the Boredom or Abuse Will Never End and that each day brings inescapable stress and pain.


My fellow animal lovers, here are TWO things you and your family can do to help animals ANYWHERE on Earth, no matter what your Emotions Whispering skill set may be. Do either one or both.

When viewing animals live, online, via photo, or on television, invoke the “Spirit Doctors” to relieve that animal’s non-beneficial energies and emotions. If you believe in St. Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals) and/or Archangel Ariel (Protector of Nature and Animals), ask them to engulf that animal's cells with the light of well being, peace, and relaxation.

Anyone can clear non-beneficial energies and emotions from any animal… without laying a finger on them. This is called surrogate emotional release, or clearing fears by proxy. It works well for feral animals, those in zoos and wildlife parks, too.

Your intention to clear hurtful emotions from an animal will create a clear connection to their energy systems. The animal will receive what's needed.

This FIVE STEP technique takes ONLY FIVE minutes to complete:

1.Focus on the animal you wish to help, be it in-person, photo or video. Imagine a loving green beam of energy connecting your heart energy to the animal’s heart. (Read how I used a photo to clear a pup's ear infection.)

2. Recall times of loving and being loved by any critters, feeding or petting them. Feel the love, comfort, peace and bliss from that time.

3. Send those heartfelt emotions across your heart beam to the animal.

4. Tap or massage under your nose, above your upper lip and repeat the below three times:

  • I now release this animal’s fears of not being safe due to all experiences, including being abused or stray or feral then captured, having multiple owners, and/or never recovering from the numerous habitat changes.

  • I now clear this animal’s fears of rejection and abandonment because of any losses, including being taken from its natural or adopted animal family, or losing human companions and caregivers with whom they’ve bonded and loved as family.

  • On behalf of this animal, I now let go of its fears that each day brings never-ending pain or boredom, neglect or mistreatment.

  • I now recharge and rebalance all the cells and energy centers of this animal, open its channels of joy and the desire to live again. I send this precious soul love and peace. So be it.

 5. Imagine your green heart link gently disconnecting from the animal’s energy. Relax and breathe.

Your kind, intentional clearing did create a positive energy shift for the animal. If the animal comes to mind hours or days later, send that animal love, peace and wellness vibes, and more Spirit Doctors if you feel the need.

If you're able to observe the animal after your energy work, s/he may act relaxed, roll over, yawn, smack the lips, or fall asleep. Most animals (and humans) feel mellow after stressful emotions are released.

 Bless you for reading this far and helping the animals!

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What one animal lover wrote...

"I am a Reiki master, I use EFT, and can dowse (well, sorta) and yesterday I used all of them upon feeling out of sorts and the feeling came back until I zapped it with FREED (Colleen's EFT Shortcut)!  I woke up this a.m. feeling wonderful.  I am using it on my cats.

IT IS A MIRACLE!  Thank you so much!"
--E.R., USA

“Long before that first time I saw her, Sakari’s spirit left the leopard in that pen. What remained there was only a shell - a body with no will to live, no reason to do so, empty and spent. The ache I felt that haunts me still is for the leopard I never knew. Where did her spirit go? What was she like before it was gone? Why couldn’t I find a way--any way--to bring her back?" -Vint Verga, DVM


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