EFT Workshops for Your Success!

EFT®: Emotional Freedom Techniques
What is EFT and why are people all over the world using this "acupressure for the emotions" on themselves, their families and pets to feel better fast?  

Join Colleen to learn about this highly effective method to release fears, anxieties and stresses about money, relationships, career and manifesting the life of your dreams! 

EFT® for Physical and Emotional Healing Workshop

Imagine what it would be like to dissolve your hidden blockages to manifesting whatever you desire...

...more money, your perfect new career, a healthy body, a loving relationship, a life free of fears or... anything.

Wouldn't that feel great?

Fear blocks in our energy system can cause physical and emotional dis-ease.
You'll learn mind-body connection basics and how to apply EFT to feel better fast on every level.

You'll learn basic EFT acupressure points and practice tapping with Colleen, following the multi-page EFT handout. This handout and EFT Chart will guide you after the class to effectively use EFT on your own. 
Even folks who already know EFT will benefit from Colleen's information on identifying the core issues and creating effective, fear-blasting Setup Statements!

Then you'll learn to use this amazing self-applied acupressure for YOUR Physical and Emotional Health, based on Louise Hay's mind-body-emotions teachings. EFT is an effective tool to relieve pain or distress for you, your pets and loved ones, especially if you're one of the millions of Americans without healthcare insurance.

EFT® for Physical and Emotional Healing
2-hour workshop - $30 per person, prepaid in full

Are your PETS driving you crazy? 
Animal EFT
® can HELP!

  • Animal EFT is simple acupressure which you can apply to your pet or surrogately to yourself for your pet. 
  • Animal EFT can quickly release the fears causing your pets' issues. 

 Animal misbehavior, physical conditions or emotional distress may be their silent cry for help.

 During this two hour Animal EFT Workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify specific fear blocks in your animals' energy systems that cause bad behavior, physical conditions or emotional distress
  • Communicate with your animals to identify their fear
  • Create effective EFT Setup Statements to help your pets based on their misbehavior, physical or emotional conditions, e.g., shyness, aggression, disobedience
  • Use surrogate tapping to release your animals' fears then communicate with your pets to ensure the fears are gone
  • Use EFT to tap POSITIVE  into your pets' energy systems

EFT® for Animals
2-hour class
 $30 per person
prepaid in full
*** Please leave your pets at home but bring their photo! ***

Lose Weight, Gain Confidence with EFT®

Overeating, poor diets, exercise avoidance and weight gain are often due to fear-based emotions. 

If you've failed to lose weight with methods that worked for others, you likely have fear blocks to lasting weight loss success.   
EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques is simple-to-use acupressure (no-needles) that you apply to yourself while focusing on a weight loss fear. 

Fears of failure, not being safe if slender, anxieties about being hungry or food or drink deprivation all can be easily released so you won't reach for the comfort food when feeling stressed or anxious.

During this workshop, you'll learn:
  • Common fears and anxieties that keep the weight on 
  • How past traumatic, stressful events can keep the weight on
  • Specific fears that pack the fat on your tummy, thighs, arms or hips
  • How to apply EFT to banish those fattening fears, release the cravings and exercise resistance
  • How to instill empowering affirmations to keep you following your weight loss and exercise campaign

    You'll also get printed information and an EFT chart to use whenever you need super strength weight loss help!

    Please join Colleen and demolish your weight loss blocks!

    Lose Weight, Gain Confidence with EFT®!
    2-hour class
    $30 per person
    prepaid in full