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I'm Colleen Flanagan, the Emotions Whisperer. I specialize in combining Mind-Body-Emotions wisdom with dowsing and meridian clearing to achieve well being for people and animals. I especially enjoy guiding  fellow Baby #Boomers thru aging issues.

Decades of research by experts have proven that the Mind-Body-Emotions connection is real. When we change our emotions, we change our bodies' chemistry, our well being and our lives.

Find out how EASY and FAST you can begin your return to well being... at no cost!

Perfect for DIY (Do It Yourself) holistic folks ready to begin their emotional rescues NOW!

Watch how easily you can release old painful emotions blocking your physical or mental well being.

“Our physical body can be changed by the emotions we experience.” 

-- Dr. Candace Pert, “Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine”

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Renown #mind-body-emotions experts:

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Dr. Joseph Dispenza
  • Dr. Lissa Rankin
  • Dr. Candace Pert
  • Dr. Christian Fleche
  • Louise L. Hay
  • Donna Eden
  • Deb Shapiro

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