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Got caregiver's stress? I did too!

How do I learn these emotional release methods?

Get started with free articles and no-cost video demos.These books take you through the self-care steps of emotional acupressure leading to fast relief.

You CAN help yourself, your human & animal loved ones back to well being! 

Are Your Ailments Triggered by

Past Traumas or Current Fears?

My Amazon books will EMPOWER you to combine Mind-Body wisdom with meridian clearing to achieve emotional stability, weight loss & well being for people and animals.

“Our physical body can be changed by the emotions we experience.” 

-- Dr. Candace Pert, “Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine”

Fearless Accurate Dowsing 3 Step System

Caring for my elderly mother took a toll on my emotional and physical health. It also inspired me to create a page of videos for other CAREGIVERS to relieve burnout and common fears.

YES! Decades of research by experts, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, Donna Eden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, & Dr. Christian Fleche, have proven that the Mind-Body connection is real. Our thoughts and emotions DO affect our health.

When you release fear and trauma, your body feels safe to return to well being, your mind can focus, your energy feels lighter and rebalanced.

Do painful emotions really trigger physical conditions?

I'm Colleen Flanagan, Bestselling Amazon Author, Master Dowser, and Mind-Body Expert.

Over the years, I've guided people and animals on SIX continents to find and release their harmful emotions, then return to wellness.

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